The Player is the main character of the game. It is also the only player controllable character. It's goal is to survive on the island and to successfully defend against all Undead wave attacks.





The Player Moving To The Cursor

The player's movement is controlled by tapping on the location where the player is to be moved. A blue diamond-like cursor will appear on the site and the player will move to the marked location.

If the player taps on an object or an animal, interaction buttons will appear on the left side of the screen. Each button shows different icons that shows the possible actions that the player can do.

The right side of the screen contains the essential contents in the game:

  1. Blank Map / Map (after crafting a Map)
  2. Craft Button
  3. Inventory Button
  4. Equip Panel
  5. Character Panel


There are four different avatars/skins that the player can choose:


  • There is only one female character avatar
  • The Upper right avatar is a redesign of the Upper left avatar. They only differ in hair color, skin color, and footwear



The Different Player Avatars