This is about the buildings that are craftable in-game

Structures can be player-made while some are naturally spawned in the game. Each of these have their own roles. Most of the craftable structures in-game provide defense against the Undead, while in contrary, the Monolith is the only naturally spawned structure in-game.

Types of Structures

  • Defense
    1. Arrow Tower
    2. Poison Arrow Tower
    3. Ice Tower
    4. Fire Tower
  • Shelter
    • The Shelter is a special type of building as it's main purpose is to serve as the player spawn point.
  • Ancient Monolith
    • The Ancient Monolith serves as the switch that triggers the summoning of the Undead. Only one is naturally spawned in every map and the only interaction the player can do is to trigger the spawning of the Undead.